By Oferenda Design


Architects and designers, develop communities work together to the region southern Brazil.
Participated in the Exhibition Brasil é Cosi 2009 held during the exhibition in Milan, Manifestazione Fuori Salone.

The main characteristic of the work, is the development and alignment of design = based handicrafts.


Chaise Minuano

Nicole Verdi + Diane Johan, 1979 In Southern Brazil, Porto Alegre
Wind minuano or is simply minuano the name given to the air stream that typically happens in the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul is a wind chill of polar origin. Occurs after the passage of cold fronts of autumn and winter. Your name Minuane derives from an indigenous group lived in the camps in the southern state Brazil Rio Grande do Sul
The sofa has a wood structure certified and have their pads embroidery of breeches, which comprises the clothing Gaucho, a man of southern Brazil learned to live with the cold.
Combining design and craftsmanship, this piece brings can tradition, warmth and sustainability



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