By Marcelo Teixeira



Architect and master of architecture / design Marcelo Teixeira operates more than 20 years in the fields of art, fashion, research and development, design strategic innovation, architecture, design products, and transportation interiors. Specialist luxury market for 7 years was the Head Designer Embraer is responsible for hiring and interface at BMW Designworks USA (CA) and Priestman Goode (UK). Currently teaches strategic design programs to graduate and is the Creative Director of Studio Marcelo Teixeira, who is specializing in strategy and innovation for the design transport, environment, services and products.


Floor Lamp – “AURELIA”

Of varying diameters and simple structure and primitive, the jellyfish back more than 700 million years. This relative of anemones body gelatinous appearance, follows causing admiration and awe to all beings that cross their path. Appropriating the name of one of the most common species, and contrasts this to be controversial, is born “AURELIA” that encased in a structure
aluminum, replies in a subtle and elegant simple plastic utensils with state of the art lighting, LED. Again, is adopted party as the complex and seductive ways widely present in nature Brazilian landscapes.
Materials: Door cakes in white plastic, Rod Aluminum Wool and Lamp Led by Blue on Via Light.


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