About A Lot Of Design Group

About Group:

“Alotof design group, is a Brazilian group that makes search for a new aesthetic, product with new values, considering the concept of GLO – CAL (global + local) by inserting raw materials and craftsmen sites in the process of creating and manufacturing. The point of departure is the thought of philosopher Victor Papanek; in their work “Design for a Real world.”


The etymology of the word ARTESANIA derives from Latin words “artis-manus” Meaning: make art with their hands. The ARTESANIA basically consists works and works substantially achieved manually or with little or no use machinery, are objects often Decorative everyday and common. Who looks this activity is called craftsman.


Head Designer: Pedro Franco

Art Director: Christian Ullmann

Designers: Oferenda Design, Ricardo Barddal, Fernando Bottene and Marcelo Teixeira


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